How did the PTR trade go? I didn’t look like an easy trade, but hope you made money.

As for charting I am still using QuoteTracker. It is free with some ads and a limitation or two, but you can give it a try. It’s like 40/year, so it is a low price while you are starting. I don’t think its the greatest thing ever, but it had a good chunk of features. It will work with IB data (which I think stinks).

Here is a shot showing some of its features on a gap and trap I saw today. I did not trade this stock. I am really trying to look for them, but it is not like shooting fish in barrel like I hoped it would be.

As for scanning, I think might work for what you want, but I am not sure as I haven’t used it. IB has a build in scanner, but it does not allow custom scans as far as I know. Some of the heavy weight platforms (eSignal, Tradestation, RealTick) may have quality charting and scanning combined, but I am not too familiar with them. Let me know if you program some of the scans from class. I will probably get to that at some point, but I am still just trying to get gap and trap/gap and go’s down.

-frank m

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